Creating Your Own Class Posters

Graphic Design, Teacher Chores

This year another introduced me to Canva and I love it! Educators get free premium features. Check it out here:

I used it to create some posters. My district has a printing center where we can print and laminate posters. I used that to print my Canva designs. Making them was incredibly easy! I’ll show you how I did it.

I started with a motivational quote from a book or song that I wanted to use. I used the poster template on Canvas choosing the blank option. I make it landscape by switching the numbers in the size option. I looked through the background and found one I liked that I thought went well with the quote.

I decided to book the book cover on the poster. I used one of their frames to make the book cover look better on the poster.

Then I added the quote and played with the font until I liked how it looked. They have different special effects you can use. I used the neon effect on this poster.

On another poster, I did a similar process. For this one I found an image of the band and used the background remover tool. I used that same tool on a image of their logo. I took the additional step of adding lined shapes to the edges that I found under elements on Canva.


They were easy and fun to make. My students were surprised when I said I made them, they thought they looked professional!

Looking for a way to print your posters? I was lucky that my district has a resource center that we can use to print posters. If you don’t have that, another option is have affordable prices! Canva now offers print services as well.