magnetic posters

Problem Solving…

My school has been recently renovated and added on to. They don’t want us hanging anything on the new walls. We are only allowed to hand posters on the one self healing wall in the room. It’s not enough space to display all of our anchor charts, reminders, and behavior management posters. I have 3 dry erase boards so I decided to use some of that space to display my posters. I bought some magnetic strips at the store and attached them to the back of the posters. I made the posters with Canva. They look great!

At the end of the year I store my posters in this art carry all case.

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Student Accountability

After a 3-week or 6-week progress report: I have the failing students fill out a Google form that get’s them thinking about why they failed and how they can succeed. The Google form includes their name and period. It also includes the following questions:

Reasons for failing has them reflecting on the things both in and outside of their control that contributed them to failing the class on that progress report.

Next, asking about their intentions to pass gives me a clear view of where they are at and their willingness to pass.

This last question gives me ideas for how to help these students. After collecting this form I would conference with them to put a success plan in place. If they said they need help with time management then we would sit down and I would help them make a schedule or show them how to use a planner. If they need help with organization than we would sit together and work on that. If they said they need a contract than we would work together to create one. Students are more likely to “buy in” if they have a hand in this process.

I have the settings on this form set to email students a copy of their response. We will conference again later in the semester to see if they are meeting their goals. This helps students reflect on what is not working, and what they need to do to succeed. It allows teachers and students to collaborate on a plan. Students are more likely to follow the plan when they have a part in making it. This also creates a record that is helpful for documentation should you need it.